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Smallholder farmers often need access to flexible funds, information and advice as well as farming support including quality agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers and pest control, etc.), equipment, machinery and technical guidance.

FarmNet partners with urban people who has disposable income to invest for a noble cause. If you have passion for agriculture, if you care about our farmers, food safety and a sustainable environment, invest your money with FarmNet to support a network of farmers.

Ordinary investors with small capital can easily fund our farmers’ network through the FarmNet Crowdfunding Platform. We offer various alternatives such as farming, shariah-compliant and environmentally sustainable investment opportunity time to time.

You can invest in various types of farms all throughout the year that includes agriculture, fish, poultry, livestock and various other innovative projects we introduce continuously. Check out our available funding opportunity online or call us to discuss your needs and preferences. FarmNet is committed to build a bridge between urban investors and rural farmers to support each other as a friendly symbiotic community. FarmNet ensures a healthy return for our investors while looking after the well-being of our farmers while promoting food safety and technology-enhanced sustainable farming practices. If you have a noble cause and you want to engage with our farmers community with your time, money and idea, we love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

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