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FarmNet dashboard helps agricultural input company and service provider directly connect with farmers to optimize sales and distribution operations of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, farm machinery and other nutrients and also provide advisory services to the farmers.

we help farmers improve their yield and increase profitability beyond a single season by providing a year-round partnership, and the support to sell their harvest. Farmers can access our services through either (i) a Farmer App from the Google Play Store (ii) an IVR system.

Once registered, farmers can access various services as mentioned below:

  • Farm specific weather through our hyper local weather analytics
  • Advanced weather analytics, such as the best time to sow
  • 9-month rain forecast
  • Daily spot rates of various crops from mills
  • Bank loan application
  • Real time agronomy advice and discussion forum
  • Remote crop health monitoring through satellite imagery

FarmNet connects people who want to become capital funders with farmers who are recipients of capital funding to jointly increase the scale of cultivation / cultivation and welfare of agricultural actors.

On our earth, especially countries like Indonesia, there are millions of hectares of un optimal land that has not been optimally empowered, and there are also millions of farmers who still live below the poverty line due to insufficient employment. While the needs and demand of the community for food from agricultural products continues to grow by the day.

FarmNet identifies crops that have high needs in the market, price stability and good characteristics, then we connect farmers and land that can be used, then we open planting funding opportunities to urbanites.

FarmNet is not only a product with a commercial vision, but also has a big mission to be able to preserve life on earth. Create food security that is fairly and equitably accessible to all human beings on earth.

Harness the resources we each must create better change for our common earth.

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the average annual return of farm land